Coping with Illness

Dr. MacRoy offers consultation to individuals, families, and caregivers who are experiencing the stressors, challenges and adjustments associated with acute and chronic illnesses. All members of a family are impacted by the illness of a loved one.  Managing illness can affect how we think about ourselves, our roles and our relationships. The impact varies depending on factors such as which family member is ill, the nature of the illness, the family’s past experience, and coping strategies in dealing with illness. The manner in which family members address the illness greatly contributes to the outcome for each of them. The primary caretakers of an ill family member are especially vulnerable to the effects of this stress.

Therapy is offered to assist patients, families, and caretakers in developing a realistic assessment of the situation, communicating about normal, expectable emotions and fears, the impact of the illness, and future concerns and implications. Dr. MacRoy addresses these issues from the point of view of adaptation and resiliency. In situations where a family has experienced communication difficulties prior to an illness, the stress of coping with the illness may increase these difficulties and interfere with effective management and adaptation. However, by learning appropriate communications and coping skills in coming to terms with the illness, clients and families can resolve to make positive adaptations to their situation. Attention is also paid to caregivers’ need for respite.

Dr. MacRoy has significant training, experience, and interest in assisting patients and families who are facing illnesses. He has worked in medical hospital settings and has treated many patients with medical problems who have been referred by their physicians. The practice collaborates with treating physicians to provide coordinated and comprehensive care.